A comprehensive mix of electronic design and manufacturing services. All under one roof.

Concept & Design

We function as your company's electronic design department, helping you with product design, circuit design, firmware design, and software design.


We offer quick-turn prototyping. We have a dedicated prototype assembly line to assemble your prototype boards with a fast turn around.


We offer full turnkey or partial manufacturing services, including component sourcing, board assembly, automatic optical inspection, flying probe testing, functional testing, and complete product final assembly and testing.

Our quality system is certified to ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015

RMF IS REGISTERED UNDER THE FEDERAL Controlled Goods Program and is Qualified to Undertake All Relevant Projects.

What We Do

With over 35 years of experience, RMF Design & Manufacturing Inc. has become a Canadian leader in electronic design and manufacturing services.

We specialize in creating electronic products for all types of industries, from the design phase to final production and assembly. We have experience with medical, industrial, commercial, transportation and many other products.

The design and manufacture of Medical and Diagnostic Equipment is an area in which we have extensive experience. We have assisted our customers in the regulatory approval of many Medical and Diagnostic products.

RMF Design and Manufacturing Inc. is authorized by the PEO to offer engineering services in the province of Ontario.

Free Project Review

We will invest half a day with you, at no charge, reviewing your potential projects.

During this review, we will help you evaluate technologies and approaches available, and help you determine the process to beĀ  followed, in the design, prototype and manufacture of your product.

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We manufacture control boards for medical and diagnostic equipment. Customer products include equipment for Urology, Auditory Diagnosis and CyTOF systems.


We designed and manufacture a muscle stimulator used to treat patients with stroke or other brain injuries.


We have designed and manufactured several Amplifiers for use in Electrophysiology.


We designed and manufacture an rTMS device used to treat patients suffering from depression.


We designed and manufacture control boards for wire based treatment of Total Cardiovascular Occlusions.


We designed and manufacture controls for an Auxiliary Power unit for trucks. This device provides HVAC and electrical power for a truck cabin. Many thousands have been built and installed over the past 10 years.


We designed and manufacture controls for a factory chain wear monitor.


We designed and manufacture control systems and ballasts for UV lamps for municipal waste water treatment