What We Do

RMF provides complete turnkey services: from design to manufacturing to after-sale support and service. Throughout our 35+ years of experience, we have completed a large variety of electronic design projects, serving a diverse range of clients and markets.

Click a market to see examples of past projects:

  1. Amplifiers for Electrophysiology
  2. Automatic contactless ECG acquisition system
  3. rTMS devices
  4. CyTOF® (Fluidigm) systems
  5. Urology and gastrointestinal diagnostic equipment
  6. Auditory Diagnosis
  7. External Beam Teletherapy
  8. LIPUS device
  9. Muscle Stimulators
  10. Electronic Stethoscopes
  1. Airborne Mapping
  2. Airborne Magnetic Surveying
  1. Truck Auxiliary Power Unit
  2. Controls for high speed train signalling systems
  3. Track level safety system
  4. School bus safety system
  5. Truck idle reduction devices
  6. Truck fleet monitoring
  1. Control Systems
  2. Simulation systems
  3. Control Room Consoles
  4. Alarm modules
  1. Stretch wrap machinery
  2. Laboratory stirrers
  3. Factory chain wear monitor
  4. Vending machines
  1. Public seating with built in chargers for laptops and cell phones
  2. Thermostats
  3. Condominium Garbage, recycling, compost chutes
  1. Commercial LED boards
  2. Pool lights
  1. UV municipal waste water treatment