RMF Integrated Accessibility Standards Policy

RMF Design and Manufacturing, Inc. is committed to meeting the information and communication needs of people with disabilities by providing, upon request, information and communications materials in accessible formats or with communications support.

Physical Office Accessibility Features

RMF accommodates people with physical disabilities by having:

  • RMF accepts visitors by appointment only. All visitors are accompanied by RMF staff at all times. If a customer with a disability wishes to visit out premises, a staff member will accompany them and provide access when entering our front door;
  • Reserved parking spaces;
  • Wheel-chair accessible washrooms and entrances;
  • Signage (e.g. for fire escapes, parking spots) that meets Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) standards and Integrated Accessibility Standards (IAS).

Accessible customer services offered by RMF

1.1 Promotion

Our web site meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 standards. Our brochure is available in plain large text if requested.

1.2 Phone and E-mail Communication

We use whichever form of remote communication is most suited to each customer.

1.3 Physical Meetings

As physical meetings are required as part of the product development process, our premises are fully accessible. If physical meetings are impossible, meetings may be conducted via Skype.

1.4 Accessible Documents

RMF will have an alternative to standard print in an accessible format upon request and in a timely manner. RMF will consult with the person to determine their accessibility needs. All the documentation we provide to our clients is in plain, large text, if requested. Documents may also be read to the customer, if they wish.

1.5 On Site Acceptance Tests

As part of the product development process, customers are required to perform acceptance tests of the product at the RMF office location. Our office is accessible for other physical meetings. If required, the test may be videoed or described.

1.6 After Sales Support

Support is provided through whichever medium the customer chooses.